Buhay sa Ibang Bansa!

Ang tao di nawawalan ng hinaing sa buhay, katulad na lamang ni misis no. 1 walang katapusang himutok at reklamo sa kanyang asawa. Marami daw syang gustong gawin sa buhay nya kaso di nya magawa dahil ang gusto daw ni mister dapat unahin nya ang kanyang pamilya. samantala, ang gusto naman ni misis na unahin ang kanyang karer sa buhay kaya kahit anong luho ang gusto nya binibigay na lang daw sa kanya ni mister para manahimik lamang sya.

Minsan ang tao hindi nag-iisip, hindi makuntento muna kung ano meron sya. Kung tutuusin hindi mahahanap ng mister nya ang sahod na tinatamasa nila dito sa abroad kumpara sa Pinas kahit hindi mataas ang posisyon ng kanyang asawa sa kompanyang pinapasukan. Pero mas gusto pa ni misis na umuwi na lang daw silang mag-anak sa Pinas kung hindi man lang mapropromote si mister. Dapat isipin na lang nila na mas magiging maayos at makaka-ipon sila ng sapat na pera dito kumpara sa Pinas.

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On Friendship!

Friendship is a Gift that nothing in this world could compare, not even a treasure of wealth.

Friendship is not measured on earthly gifts you have given to her, but it’s measured on the depth of trust, honesty, loyalty and understanding you can give or offer.

It doesn’t mean that when you give, one should reciprocate what you have given… When you give, you give it with your heart…you don’t expect that something will be given back to you.

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Can’t tell when life would end but i know that it has already started. Life depends on how one would view its beauty and negativities. Sometimes it’s full of good things while on the other hand sometimes, it has some twist that most often than not life is accompanied of not quite pretty things. However, be it on its brighter or darker side one has to make it to the fullest while you may, who knows its nearing to its end. you have to value each moment and be happy of what you have and what you don’t have. completeness only comes upon the realization of the things that you are showered with and the things that you are not having. It’s on the feeling of contentment that matters, no matter how many of good things you have if you are not contented then it’s just useless.

Get Real!

Just some thoughts on friendship, I have only a small circle of friends whom I can say that they are my true friends, they are the one that through ups and downs, through thick and thin, and in every downpour and sunshine in my life we’ve bonded and stick on together as we traverse each life even though each of us are in different places.

There are also those kinds of people who claim to be my friends who are fond of bad mouthing other friends, so what would keep them from saying bad things also when you turn your back on them? It’s their heart’s delight to speak of someone whom they find so amusing or simply they just envy. Where can I find the true meaning of friendship in their actions?

It’s not that I’m being so righteous but I just hate those kinds of people.

I don’t hold onto false friends, the moment that I know that I’m putting myself into a trap of unworthy friends I would at once hold myself and detract from being caught into the web. There are those who are very nice in front of you but when you turn your back they’ll tell another side of story about you. Some of them are so very articulate not to be the subject in every gathering but they tend to be the worst buttinsky, yenta or kibitzers. For me, ok, I’ll be nice to these kinds of people but don’t expect from me that I’ll treat you more than a mere acquaintance.

just turned 29!

Happy Birthday my love!!! Last Friday we had a small party for my hubby, some selected Filipino families in his company came with some food. I know they quite understand that I’m in my second trimester and I can’t cook and prepare lots of foods.

I managed to make leche flan and fruit salad for dessert and cooked prawns with chili and garlic while the birthday celebrant made beef caldereta. So far, the little party went well. All the best for you my dear…we love you very much!!!


How time flies and sometimes when friends asked me how long we’ve been married (S and I) I sometimes can’t give the exact answer in an instant, I told my friend to wait for a few seconds ( we we’re chatting) as I checked our marriage certificate. We are nearing our third year this coming 8th of October; and we are blessed with an intelligent toddler (P) and another one is coming after two more months…