My hand is in my hussyfskap!

I don’t go to work…

My mind is always taxing on everything that I want to finish before I deliver my second baby from making my little Munchkin’s scrapbook, editing some videos taken during our vacation, transferring to a new flat (hopefully, we find the flat that we wanted) to getting organize again the wardrobe of our upcoming baby boy. I know for sure, that if I’ll not finish all those stuffs and some nitty –gritty things I would be having no time at all for I’ll be occupied with our new baby and my naughty-yet-sweet toddler.

Yes! I don’t go to work but I ‘m occupied with house works everyday. I don’t go out to make a living but giving my full time,care,attention and love to my family is great enough than going to work and putting my toddler in a nursery with dozens of kids of different nationalities and be yelled at or bullied by another child.

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A surge of unpleasant feelings sometimes engulf me when thoughts of insensitive exchanges or conversations are being processed over and over on my brain. Sometimes, people don’t even try to weigh or listen to the depth and magnitude of what they say even sometimes it is liken to an acid poured directly on my being.

I don’t know if such conversations were being hurled at me with no certain meanings or just being keen on what my reactions would be. For one, I did not want to be tested by who ever, for whatever it may serve her purpose. Take a look at this one scenario, a person told me that she wanted to adopt my second baby. No matter how close we are or not, I’m just a like a mother hen who wanted to protect my chicks! And not to mention that a conversation on that idea of her wanting to adopt my baby occurred not only once but couple of times; what the heck is talking or asking about?

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still looking :)

Another afternoon spent on checking a flat but we didn’t like it, it’s old and has this not-so-good ambiance so we decided to have our dinner in A & W and afterwards went to Jarir Bookstore. At last, I got hold of “Memoirs of a Geisha” and “The Vince Code” both popular and bestselling novels.

We also bought four recipe books, one is on how to easily prepare fish, and another is on how to cook stir fry, one recipe book on Italian foods and another one for chicken for all seasons. Dad Nath is looking forward to eating a gastronomically satisfying meal, I hope I can make it…