I’ve been blog hopping and read lots of different stories, some on their everyday lives while others focus on some political, social or just nothing issues, and others share their literary pieces while others just use blog as a release for some angst.

For me, whatever random thoughts that fill in my mind and find it okay sharing and putting it for public view is just fine as long as I’m happy for what I’m doing , anyway it’s my part in this web. It’s up to me how far I would divulge myself in every entry that I would make; or who knows if it’s a fiction or real?

Writing is a form of a release, whatever I can’t put in action or say…well, and here’s my space. Sometimes I just want to chronicle some events that happened to me or to my family and friends.

I really do enjoy reading some bloggers stories. From them I learn how they cope with their everyday lives especially those who are also in abroad, or simply how they enjoy their leisurely trips to other countries.

So convenient and easy, if you happen to get bored or on the verge of contradicting once philosophies or whatever story that is not to your liking then just close the window and that’s it, you are out and hop to another blog that comes up with your satisfaction.

Some blogs are too educational, some are nasty, cheesy, others are entertaining with lots of jokes (hrrmm…green jokes!) and some are just the-not –so –good –ones, but tee hee…whatever they are still they are blogs.

Kuya Romy (RIP)

I’m so down today after I heard the news na wala na si Kuya Romy.
The man that I used to know as a father here in Qatar is now gone…

Hindi po kita makakalimutan Kuya.

What’s Your Baby’s Claim to Fame?

Liezl, your baby’s bound to be an Entrepreneur

With your baby’s well-rounded mix of intelligence, creativity, and charisma, we’d say your baby’s bound to succeed in business. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise us if they just followed in the footsteps of Henry Ford and Bill Gates — soon as they’ve mastered walking and talking, that is.

You’ve probably noticed how quickly your baby makes friends and connections at the park or how skillfully your little one creates their own little worlds with blocks. Bringing up a business-bound baby can be a lot of fun — but be prepared for plenty of lemonade stands and newspaper routes in your future. And as your little one develops that worldly savvy, just make sure they don’t mistake money for the meaning of life as you help them hone their business and leadership skills. Even at this early stage, we can tell — you’re sure to be richly rewarded for bringing this gem into the world.

from Tickle

Adobong Manok

Wala lang, habang nagpapatunaw ng kinain naming Adobong Manok, at habang naghihintay ng dina-download ko, sulat muna ako dito.

Bagong version ngayon ang ginawa kong Adobong Manok. Ginisa ko na muna at hinayaang maluto ang manok. Nang medyo napiprito na cya doon ko pa lang nilagay ang pinaghalong toyo at suka na nilagyan ko na rin ng paminta.

Mukhang masarap din kse daming nakain ni Dimps, hehehe. Ako control muna kse tumataba na naman yata. Hirap mag maintain ng ideal weight.

Rain in Doha

I got a nice sleep last night and I was planning to go to work early today, while doing some stretching, I heard some kind of raindrops outside the house; yes it’s raining in Doha! After my stretching, I went back to bed and sleep again 🙂

Black Saturday

I’m relatively happy that our Princess is little_bit_getting_well now, after 3 days of having a diarrhea and fever. Slowly she’s now back to her usual self: a dynamic superrrr baby girllll!

Today is Black Saturday and here in Qatar you’ll not feel the solemnity of Lenten Season.

Personally, as daily in the morning I tend to meditate as I prayed my “wake-up” prayer and in addition this week I’m also trying to imagine the “religious celebration” back home.

Also, oh yes! Very worthy to mention, I finally finished watching Mulan after more than 10 attempts. Since last week I started to watched it; but not able to finish. Cute movie, I almost cried, hehehe, at the end (hey, it took more than a week for me to finished it!).

We got a bunch of “5-in-1 DVDs” from Souq. Yes, “those kind” of DVDs are openly available here in Qatar!

upon contemplation…

Another year that adds to my life, and another year which I should be making up to with my pursuit for more learning as of life per se…as a mother, as a wife, as a friend, as a child.

It’s like I’m still yearning for more from the zest of my existence, just halfway there; contentment, happiness, ambitions…I want to widen my horizon and touch my real existence as a whole.

There’s something inside me that needs to be awaken; like a fire that needs to be rekindled…Like a placid body of water that wants to be stirred up; like a child who wants to wander and dance in a rain while reaching for the rainbow in a mid-summer morning.

I want to learn new things, as I learn from my precious child.
I think for once let the course of my destiny pave its own path.
Let His Will be done…

I want to thank my loving husband for everything; for a wonderful life worth living with you…Thanks for caring us, for always being there for us, for your unwavering support and kindness and most of all Thanks for your Love.

I would want to thank also my precious daughter for her sweet innocence which emanates her goodness, her warmth, and in her small ways she showed me how much she loves me.

For my parents, brothers and sisters, friends and acquaintances; life would not be complete without all of you…

And most of all I thank God for everything, for every person He sent to touch my life, for the gift of Love, Faith and Life.