happy :)

I got a new cell phone; it’s the latest Nokia 6670! Wow!!! And also daddy Nath has a new communicator, nokia 9500. I think it’s about time to change our old phones, just think of it; when we had our vacation all of their cell phones are new and ours are becoming obsolete. (Chuckles and wide grin!!!)

Now, I can store a 10-minute video of my li’l princess with my new phone and have 165 pictures without our digital camera, I can send text and make calls with lots of options. Whew!

hello doha!

It was a wonderful vacation, lots of time for our families not to mention another blessing for us; surely, princess would be so happy and delighted after 6 more months and voila! Here comes our second baby!!!

Thinking now what name should our baby will have, but still we don’t know if he’s a boy or a girl…hmmm…how about, Sean Linus if he turns out to be a baby boy and Athena Lexia if she’s a baby girl.

Hopefully, we’ll be back in the Phils. after 2 years.