ready, get set, go…

Checking everything seems that nothing is left before we go to the airport. Baggage, bags for hand carry my li’l munchkin’s dodo puppy and her toiletries that she’ll use while on board, of course my wallet, passports, exit permit and other pertinent documents needed.

So far, the house is clean and all toys are kept. I’m tired! All of us are drained with all those nightly shopping till early in the morning, thanks to the Ramadan season it made us stay late in the malls.


One more day and off we’ll go…I’ll be saying bye for now from my blog.
– drained
– excited
– tired and so drowsy ( no decent sleep for 4 days now)
– happy
– yet still energetic 🙂

girly stuffs!

Two more days to go and voila we’ll be in Pinas already. It’s our monthly anniversary after eating in Nando’s (chicken espetada is the best still…) Nath reminded me once again of my cravings for Godiva chocolate and we went to a French coffee shop and bought the 2nd to the smallest box of godiva chocolates. They are so expensive, but packaging was very pretty though it’s not the wrap that matters it’s the content itself.

Shop until you drop! I got all my fave perfumes: Givenchy’s (Very Irresistible), Escada Sentiment, 5th Avenue for Elizabeth Arden, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss’s Deep Red, Lacoste, Escada’s Island Kiss and Hugo boss’s Intense. And all of them are our gifts for families and friends…

home sweet home!

Adrenaline all flushed, excitement is oozing that’s how we feel this past few days, which is nearing our vacation to our dear homeland. At last, we’ll be there in 4 days time. Gladly, all our tickets are being taken cared of as well as packing of our garments. Still, we have some errands to finish here in OWWA so that we’ll not be fixing it in Phils.

I pitied my little munchkin for her unwavering strength of all the late nights for her sleep, not to mention the long hours in malls trying to find some gifts for all our families and friends.

And as for this day, she kept on tossing and turning on the bed at unholy hours, from 1 a.m. till 2:30 in the morning. I felt her stress as for me; my mind is also running and taxing on every detail on our trip. It’s like I have in my memory listing of all the things that we need. Got to try to hit the bed maybe I’ll have my luck!

Philippines here we come!!!

just nothing

All is well that ends well. Whatever hassles and contradiction that we’ve been bombarded and issues that we tackled these past few weeks, fortunately, we get rid of it, partly, not yet that finished not until we transfer to a new house when we come back here from our vacation.

True colors of friends (as what they claim, but their actions are contradictory as to what friends should be, I mean on the context of real friendship) kept on illuminating and changing yet true friends stick on as they are.

As of human beings , by nature, men just follow instincts as to protect themselves from life’s complexities. Being supportive on others is just second or the least he can give; that’s what I observed being here in abroad. Filipinos tend to not being mindful of other Filipinos. Unlike in our country wherein we tend to be there for friends or just an acquaintance if they need us, but here, just like our friend, even they know from the start that we are on the right side of the issue they blindly followed the pursuit of the other camp. Anyway, just sharing my sentiment and nothing else…


Life sucks! Sometimes you come to a point wherein you abhor too much those negative traits of your false friends. and that’s where I am now, I kept on reminding myself that they are good persons but my mind kept on reiterating and flashing some thoughts that justifies what kind of persons they are. What I truly hate are those kinds who happen to be ignorant of the meaning of true friendship; who never value others feelings. They are so good when they are talking at you but can manage to stab at your back also. They are being influenced by some backward people. And even manages to brush with your shoulders with such nonchalance.
Thank you for reminding me that people like you still exist in this world thus keeping me aware to keep safe from your snake-like-bite.
It keeps my balance, my reality check. It helps me reassess myself where I am and where am I heading to.
At least it’s not yet too late for some adjustment on how to deal with them.
Sweet-mouthed yet they sting…
Words of comfort yet they bite…
Good advices but then they stab at your back…
Farewell to you ugly and stinky bipedal, stingy horned elephant like snakes!

being rushed!

My mind is so fidgety at one point I’m thinking of writing about Andréa’s new milestone but here I am focused on our new issue on tenancy. My God! Where on earth can you find a landlord who doesn’t know the meaning of the validity of the contract he and Sandro had signed? As far as I know, if the landlord had signed a certain document and as agreed by the lessee it should be binding for both of them and no further alteration as to the content of that document until the day that contract will terminate. But for him he want to give as an increase almost doubling our monthly rental (which is very absurd!) or else he is giving us a one month notice to vacate the villa. I’m sure he did not understand the word “contract” itself because if he does then he should know that both parties agreed that the period of our contract with him is not yet finished; it is for two years.

Being here in a Muslim country in Middle east and bombarded such an issue is very mind boggling I even started packing all our old stuff, even my husband is very firm on standing to our rights and defending ourselves but still I have second thoughts after all sometimes Muslim laws are not that fixed and I want to have a simple and quiet life here in abroad.

Even in a layman’s understanding or view on that issue surely we’ll get the good side of it but I don’t want hassles especially we have a baby and we don’t have families here. Hopefully, our landlord’s mind would be cleared with all those impurities of greediness for money especially that he is celebrating with his family the holy month of Ramadan. What’s the use of fasting when in fact your deeds are in conflict with your thoughts?