Tu Wen’s big Day!!!

princess went to tu wen’s birthday. now he’s one year old, he’s our burmese friend. chinese restaurant is becoming “gas-gas” everytime that there’s a b-day party this place is the venue. why not other restaurants or hotels? nakialam ba sa may birthday!!!heheehheh anyways, chinese beijing restaurant is cheaper and you can have a lot of food and what i like is their “butche” it’s the best here in doha.
we saw the qafac families there. raymond is so big now, he’s the certified kuya to the babies and toddlers in the pinoy community. ebenezer also can walk and eat on his own. and tu wen can walk but his teeth just popped out last week.
princess has really a magic appeal on everybody, when we arrived she’s the center of attraction again in the crowd. there’s this beautiful half burmese and half danish girl she liked our munckin very much.
like other toddlers princess sat on the high chair and had also her chicken corn soup and ninong ely kept on bugging her.
on the way home we saw tita lutch and tito bob again we’re onto the same discussion on from whom princess got a lot more of her genes. one vote for dad nath as tita lutch really liked her to be the same face with her dada but, tito bob saw more …of course “pinagbiyak na bunga” kami ni princess…and the winner is momsy!!!

red light!!!

Before andrea has no inkling on sitting on my lap while we’re stucked for the traffic red light she will cry and do something that tells us that she doesn’t want to stop dada’s car , but now it seems that she adapted the “stop red sign” already. sometimes, it’s so funny that when i turn my gaze to the direction that she’s enjoying herself to i found a locale of course in his tradiotional thobe and a headress making faces with princess while the rest of his family were having a fun with it too. now, she found a way to make herself busy while “jero” is not running, gazing to other cars and drivers.
now she’ll have her full freedom with her new car seat. she can do whatever she wants while momsy is freed also from her heavy weight. it seems that she enjoyed
riding her new stroller (got a new one also she doesn’t want her old one, i think she’s not that comfortable with it no matter how grandma make her comfy with lots of pillows and blankets on it).
yesterday we gave her her test drive with it…whew! she liked it only that in carrefour one sales attendant gave her a bad day! she really want to carry andrea even i told her that she’ll cry she didn’t listen to me and what happened next baby munchkin cried and puked. and worst i just realized that her bumblebee and her bibs are not with us. i forgot it in babyshop after paying all the bills yep! we’re too occupied with the big boxes with us and forgot that i bought also some stuff and they’re in shopping bags.
and the best thing now is she has already her high chair. for sure, she’ll enjoy more her meals with momsy and dada.

iba’t ibang mukha!!!

tao. nakakasaya ang makipag-usap sa iba, minsan din di maiiwasan ang mapatawa at mapataas ang aking kilay sa iba. sa dami-dami ng nakakasalamuha ko masasabi kong kakaiba nga ang bawat isa. may mga punto na nagkakaparehas ang mga gusto at pananaw sa mga bagay-bagay pero madalas magkaiba ang kanilang mga pag-iisip.
katulad na lamang sa isang lugar na kung saan bawat tao ay nandoon –magkakaiba ang mga interes yong iba gustong makipagsalamuha para magkaroon ng mas maraming kakilala at kaibigan, yong iba naman para tumulong sa kapwa, pero madalas napapansin ko yong iba nandoon para magpakitang gilas! maaangas!!! minsan nakaka-irita masyadong marurunong kung magsalita. palaging may alam sa kung ano mang isyung pinag-uusapan at minsan wala ng kritikal na pagnininilay-nilay sa isang usapin basta lang sya makahataw. yan ang mga taong gutom at hayok sa kanilang mga posisyon. nawawala ang tunay na adhikain ng grupong ito.
ang iba naman kala nila hindi ko sila nahahalata masyadong plastik. ba’t nga ba ganon? sana man lang tunayo sila sa dapat nilang pagkatayuan o di kaya’y itapak ang mga paa sa lupa at gawin ang kung anuman ang makakabubuti para sa lahat. nakakabanas!!!nakakatawa!!! nakakapraning!!!
hindi ko alam mabibilang lang ang mga totoong tao sa kumunidad na iyon. sana nga ay hindi pa ako nagkakamali…baka isa din sila sa mga taong iyon.

the shopaholic baby!!!

we went to babyshop yesterday and princess went home with a piano, barbie doll and a little barbie ( barbie’s daughter), skirt, and summer blouses. yep! shopping galore with momsy and dada. i think her cabinet when she reaches her first birthday would be overflowing with her clothes not to mention that there’s a suitcase waiting for her in pinas from lola mameng (balikabayan box from the  States) and lots of dresses also from auntie baby from u.k.
when i gave to princess her first barbie doll she’s do very happy you can read it from her eyes. it seems that she knows how to play with dolls now, she did not put the barbie in her mouth but then i have to take off barbie’s shoes maybe princess would put them inside her mouth and that would be a serious problem. wow! she gave barbie a kiss!!! she’s screaming at me coz she wants also to play with barbie’s daughter but, can’t give it to her coz it has lots of accessories in its hair and some tiny materials on its dress. she’d gone nuts also with her piano i dunno if we’re disturbing our neighbors with its noise can’t keep princess from banging it.
and of course we’ve been also to our usual routine–picture perfect! it’s like i’m becoming a real stage momsy everytime that there’s new i’m into our digital camera again and princess to her terrific stunts while momsy keeps on clicking the camera. for sure mama baby and papa boy as well as uncle nnoy would be very happy to see her pics again on the net. and i think the second part of her movie will be finished only that dada is always busy.


got a lot to do today but i prefer to slouch my back on the sofa and watch movie while my little pretty rabbit is still in her deep slumber but i have to prepare also her carrots so that she’ll not be on a hopping game again today. her hands are so swift, everytime she’s sleeping i make sure that her dodo puppy and all her food are prepared already to avoid some objects from flying. the other day, she doesn’t want to sit in her chair so momsy has to carry her while making her milk but on a second everything was on the floor. her two hands are always busy on grabbing things.
we usually wake up at 5 a.m. and it’s a daily routine to go around the house and open all the blinds and curtains and after is have our coffee or tea while daddy is preparing himself for office. before, little bunny the rabbit would not mind her dada leave the house for work but now it seems that we have to let her dada make his exit in another door and momsy has to make something to divert her attention. she love’s to go out always.
it seems that her walking skills with a walker has improved a lot, now she can run and eventually i think she will not be using her walker. bunny the rabbit knows now to use her pointing finger, so funny she kept on poking our eyes and nose.
whew! 4 more months and she’ll be one year old. i can’t imagine her running around our house and hiding in cabinets. even now if momsy calls her she runs away from me, such a naughty baby! i should be preparing her birthday party as earlier as i can be. i have to make a great plan for her big day. again i’ll be on to making invitation list and invitation cards – thanks to U-lead it will make things easier; theme of the party; make souveniers ( ahhh!!! i’m into goin’ all over doha — souks, malls and small stores for novelty items, ribbons, flowers…etc; contact a restaurant for adult and a fast food for kids, decide on the games for kids and as well as make a design for her gown (hahaha it seems that it’s her debut!) pink! that would be her motif and i think al nasser garden would be the great place, there’s a big multi-purpose hall and a big pool also for kids. chinese foods and filipino dishes from oriental restaurant and don’t forget Mcdonalds for the kids but i’ll just hide first princess friend denise in a room if the mascot arrives… worst thing will happen if she sees him. oh! how i love the swarovski crystal- a ballerina for the souvenier but it would cost us a lot! i think i’ll wait for her 18th b-day. we love you our PRINCESS!!!

old wonderful friends…

got a mail from lala, my friend in high school in ulhs. she has now a two-year old daughter, keala. it’s been nearly a decade that i haven’t seen this tsinitang-bungisngis beauty queen of uep.she’s my seatmate, a very mahinhin girl na pagtumawa nawawala mata nya! juvy, mistook me as diadem faith, she made a testimony for me but actually it’s for dia-dimple. me and diadem possess the same pair of small dimples that’s why yata (ngek! ang layo ng rason). no communication with diadem for nearly a decade now. juvy told me that she’s now in korea. enjoyed reading rochelle’s blogs. and glad to know that christine and yasmin are already moms too.veron is happy with her 3 years old daughter- nicole ashley.
i’m glad that everybody can get wired now especially my old barkadas. kept on receiving forwarded messages from tin-tin. i think irene is too busy with her job and as well as jane. celeste (my bestfriend…miss you!) is my txt mate, she’s always busy with her work but always finds time to reach out. josel sent me an e-mail gusto nya pasalubong. lorver is not yet responding to my message nabaon na yata sa work nya sa isang auditing firm. got a txt from chrysalis, she’s now a teacher in uep, and she’s whining about her bf– “manhid daw”. maam, that’s life, you have other options, feel free… donna is alone in her apartment in manila her siblings went home to samar for vacation. and, i think bblyn is still in negros occidental, this lady is always on the go.she’s always travelling, she loves it.keeps telling me which part of pinas she’s whenever she flies. ganon ba kademanding maging line trainer ng jollibee? aissa still “sunog kilay” for her law school but oftentimes nasa videoke bars daw sa uep. and i feel sorry for etic. her father just passed two weeks ago. but i feel happy fo her also coz she has now a bf…miss you all guys!!! til we meet on hijos del pueblo this coming christmas.

Days of a stay at home mom and an adorable baby munchkin

Princess and mom want to go shopping again but shopping festival is not yet on so better to wait and save some bucks. nothing much to do today, waiting for my baby to wake up so i can call ninay teks and ask her what she’s doin now maybe, she can drop by together with chris in the house and we’ll cook and watch movies. maybe, going to city center and watch “troy” would be better. watching tfc is becoming boring, news are horrible lots of crimes and prices of goods are going higher and higher …nothing, nothing good and interesting. kakasawa na rin ang morning girls as well as ang mtb…hmmmmn!!!
i’ll just wait for princess to wake up and have my phone calls done and we’ll be into our game again: running all over our spacious villa and doin’ some hide and seek game. yesterday, while i was loading some laundry baby ganda started doin’ some peekaboos and after she’s running after me with her loud babbles and laughter. then daddy came from the office and joined us.

party girl!

party!! party!!! party!!! now on the 2nd party in a row and tomorrow is another lunchdate what’s next another one? oh my! this is the problem we’ve been trying to lose weights but we kept on attending parties. how we’ll be able to accomplish that goal? i think this is the time to go to gym or buy those pills that would shrink my body to its shape before i got pregnant.
while partying, princess is enjoying also some foods but can’t escape some soup bowls from flying and her hands are busy trying to grab every stuff she saw especially FOOD! saw raf-raf there and she grabbed his toy and as well as his hair… princess closely watches denise while the toddler burst to a riotic blast with her cry and shrieks coz she doesn’t want to see the Mcdo’s mascot, worst she puked!!!

Not well (Again)

Nagising ako midnight (just now) sa sobrang sipon – di ako makahinga. Ang sakit din ng lalamunan ko. I need to isolate again myself sa aking mag ina para di cla mahawaan. Sana di lumalala to at makapasok ako mamaya.