my worm-like baby!

now that princess is seven months old she learned lots of craps from faking a cry to ear-drum crashing shrieks, baby bouncing and tugging mom’s hair, spit-on-her-face session and as well as on mom and dad’s face, eating her fat momsy toe, and what more to come? it’s been nearly two weeks that she’s onto her wormlike inching away from her pool. everytime that we put her inside her seemlike-haven she’ll start pushing herself out and land on the floor with her head first.
until now she doesn’t know how to crawl. she’ll just keep herself on rolling back and forth in our bed whenwever i put her to sleep or dress her up. seems that mom dimple is getting some difficulty in putting her dress on. princess is soo active and energetic.
she’s becoming more emotional too. she know’s now how to kiss mom and dad and give them her sweetest smile.

looking ahead!!!

what will be mom liz and dad nath after 25 years? as to contemplating what we’ll be for the years to come i feel sad and happy. sad for the thought that that time we’ll have gray hairs and wrinkles on our faces. happy in the sense that our children at that time would be fully grown responsible and successful fine young ladies and man(if ever my dream of having two girls would come true and one boy).
after two and a half decades i think we would just be cruising around the world with my love and enjoying our life. dad nath would just be a consultant to a company and mom dimple has a business.
what else? maybe, it’s the time that all of us are already residing in the phils and we’ll have our dream come true of being with our dear parents, families and friends.

ate shania: my adopted daughter

we have an indian neighbor cyrus and monica. they are very friendly and nice people with two toddlers one is 4 and a half that’s shania and the other is 2 years and two months old, sara. this little shania acts like a grown up lady, she’ll come to our house and ask for some make-up or nail polish. at first i was adamant to give her but then, what’s the big fuss with it, so i let her use my cosmetics. i’m amazed, it seems that she know where to put the right stuff on her face. in fairness, she did not turn herself to a clown, she’s really a big lady inside a body of a 4 year-old.
aside from her being maarte she likes also to play with my little munchkin princess. she loves her like her true sister. sometimes, she’ll tell me that our house is also her home. how sweet she is, for me she’s also my child. as time passed by it seems that our bond became like that of a true mother and daughter, everytime that she’ll see that our front door is open she’ll run to our home. i’m just afraid of the thought that one day monica will get jealous and became angry with her daughter’s fancy for another momsy.
everytime we’ll go outside, she’ll tell us if she can come with us. even if she’s around in the house, she acts like it’s her house too. she’ll open cupboards to find something to eat and if she finds she’ll say, “auntie can i have this please?” such a darling she knows how to ask permission first before she’ll take anything. and whenever my little princess becomes cranky she’ll play with her or recite some poems or nursery rhymes.
last saturday we went to chursh at parish center for the sunday mass, we brought her with us. she remained behave but at the middle of the mass she fell asleep. nath was obliged to carry her til the mass ended. we felt that time that we have two kids one is snooring in deep slumber while princess was shouting at the top of her lungs. wheeew!

Mighty 6 months Princess!!!

the time that my baby turned 6 months she became a bouncing machine. she started this game from this age, still with mom’s aid. it’s quite a fun for her now that she’s on her seventh month she’s more active, always energetic. what’s more is that princess started sitting down unsupported when she was nearing her mighty 6 mos. with her free hands for exploring her small pool with 100 red, yellow,green and blue balls she started reaching for things and scooping it with one hand or both; sometimes both hands are filled with ball. she learned also to lean forward to reach some stuff and manages to straighten her body again. wheeew! ” mom it’s a little bit difficult for me !”

i told princess that at this age she should learn to drink from a cup, so there it goes,we started our sipping-in-the-baby’s-cup lecture. oh my! she loves it! but mind you every now and then i have to check on her maybe she’ll got sick from our lesson 101 on drinking, coz she’s making a big gulp but she spits on her dress.

this mighty six months started to increase her noise levels with her babbles and shrieking shouts. loves to get something specially her bib and unnoticely drop it on the floor. she’s a very smart baby! she always giving more chores to do, like picking up some stuff which she deliberately had fun for dropping them.

daddy nath is on the nuts of wanting princess to crawl, so he kept on placing her toys out of her reach. but lazy munchkins doesn’t want to be bothered by those unreachable toys so she just pretended that she’s playing with nothing. she’ll cry a little and then her urge to play stops maybe, she thinks, ” hhmmm i till have other toys why not let mom carry me to my crib, there are lot of toys too there.”

her teeting started on the last week of her 6th months, just the white caps of her two lower central incisors. she’s now bunny the rabbit!!!she’s picking on things so quickly. see, sometimes i got irritated of her being so demanding and i can’t help my self from shouting. and after my drama she’s onto my antics too! she got the shouting from me! what a negative idea to give her, so i refrained myself from doin it again.

does being six months also synonymous with being willful and disobedient? at this age she started testing our authority. she’s always refuses to obey every direction we give to her. pulling my hair is one and pulling every object she finds amusing. maybe, she’s not that willful or disobedient maybe, she’s just curious on everything.

and everytime i’m out of her sight she always cry. when this will end? she became my tail everywhere i go she goes with me. so what i did to finish also my housework, i bring her to every part of the house that i go. and worst she doesn’t want other friends or visitors to carry her. this behavior of anxiety to other people started when grandmamsy ang grandpapsy went home to philippines.

normal days of Rafael’s

it’s wednesday my hubby still has this hsg like virus on his body, i wish that he’ll be well tomorrow kasi ang hirap, he’s here in the house but we can’t cuddle the three of us baka mahawa si princess or ako. and princess keep on her new acting of being the master of our house. she’s really a grown up baby. her mental capacity is on the go but her physica ability makes her slow down and make her realize that she’s still a baby. she got irritated coz she wants to walk but she can’t. her mind is racing with lots of ideas on how she’ll play or what she wants to do but still she can’t do it. it’s hard!

we went to lulu hypermarket for our groceries, daddy nath can’t carry princess coz he has the virus so mom dimple has to do all the carrying of heavy-weight princess. she is quite behave but then she saw a girl eating cheese curls, i’m sure she wants some, so kept on smiling to the palestinian girl but the girl did not give her even one.

while we’re still sitting on the bench one indonesian 7th month boy came and sat also with us. his name is “iffif”, it seems that princess is more active and energetic with the baby boy. the mother of the baby boy is also friendly, so the two babies had their little chit-chat. iffif is like a small bunny he has already his two down teeth while princess just got the crown of her two front, down teeth. princess kept on showing off to iffif that she can stand with mom’s help for longer time while iffif just sit on his mom’s lap. the two bunnies held each other hands, maybe for them it’s saying goodbye to each other. and off they go with iffif.

after that we went to lebanese fruits and vegetables store and bought those big and sweet oranges and also bananas

Google File System

We have early discussion today about what will be the best server setup in our upcoming Oracle Project. They talk, talk, talk, endlessly, blah, blah, blah. After some silence they finally turn to me and ask what I think; and I said “let’s use Google File System!” They end up wandering; I told them to read this.